"Welcome to Godavari Andhra Co-Operative Society Limited"....ఒక లక్షకు నెలకు 1167 రూపాయలు అధిక వడ్డీ పొందండి .ప్రతి నెల రూ. 13,000/- పొదుపుతో కేవలం 33 నెలలకి రూ.,5,00,000 పొందండి.
                                                         Fixed Deposit

A Fixed Deposit is useful for the feature benefits.  A Fixed Deposit offers guaranteed returns, if you choose an FD with a Re-Investment option, you will benefit from compound interest.  Society will not deduct any tax.  This provides comfort to deposit holders.  The interest rate on a Fixed Deposit varies depending on the term you choose.  The interest you earn on the Fixed Deposit depends on the maturity period of the FD with a higher period, you earn a higher interest.                             

  • Monthly Income Scheme

MIS Helps you earn attractive returns on your investments.  It’s a 6 years investment plan offering an actual interest rate 14% and provides a fixed monthly income.  The maturity period for the MIS scheme is 6 years so, the customer should ideally withdraw the amount after this duration at the end of the term the customer will receive all the funds that were invested in the scheme.  Every month will be paid Rs.1167 for Rs.1,00,000.

Daily Deposit Scheme

A daily deposit scheme a unique savings scheme was in,the daily income earners then save their funds.  Simple process to get the loan easy payment and installments schedule the very fast procedure.

Repayment Period: 90 Days to 100 Days.

The society offers traders friendly scheme collected at your steps collection of deposite, daily at the doorsteps depositors

Eligibility: All members for 12 Months savings period.

Quantum of Deposite: Min Rs.100 loan on deposit available.

Recurring Deposit


In a Recurring Deposit scheme, the investor has to deposit a fixed sum every month which will build up a savings discipline.  A recurring deposit might just be the right financial product if you are planning short-term situations that require financial assistance yearly education fees for your Kids if you are employed higher education costs if you own a home, and furnishing and renovations costs.  Overseas vacation managing marriage expenses.

Dhanvi Bhavishya Nidhi

A Godavari Andhra Co-Operative Society Limited means not only the growth rate of the index of the organization but also minimizes the financial stress of the deposit holder! so that our Godavari Andhra Co-Operative Society Limited works accordingly by following the legal activities of the Govt. FD means not the meaning of fixed deposit and it is nothing but years together something of a common man. At that point, our Godavari Andhra Co-Operative Society Limited is released as a scheme to suppress this stress of a common man. Family trouble, Children’s education and marriages, functions, hospital problems, traveling expenditures, own houses schemes, old age livelihood, common amenities,

…for everything our management designed a reasonable plan with the support of Govt.

Core banking services include transaction accounts, loans, and payments. We make these services available across multiple channels like mobile banking i e... who are the members of Godavari Andhra Co-Operative Society Limited.
Our Godavari Andhra Co-Operative Society Limited provide NEFT and RTGS services for safer, secure and faster transactions.
The Customer can check his transations regarding his debit and credits through our mobile App. Updately SMS Services are also availble to your Mobile.


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